Laws on Real Estate Sector – Land & Building

Real-Estatea. Construction and Infrastructure.
We negotiate contracts, conduct surveys and due diligence, prepare construction agreements, evaluate site conditions, procure permits and licenses from local authorities and government undertakings and address insurance claims.
We help clients on site acquisition and development, contract negotiation, project bidding (public and private), project management issues, insurance contracting, regulatory and code compliance, project documentation, drafting employment and labour agreements and construction related litigation.
We attend matters related to the construction of highways, flyovers, airports, etc. on BOT basis. We have advised them on Pre-Bidding Due Diligence, reviewing bidding documents, drafting and vetting agreements such as Concessionaire Agreement, EPC Contracts, Annual Maintenance Contracts, etc. We draft Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Letter of Intent etc. relating to the sale and purchase of construction materials. We also provide assistance in regulatory clearance and compliance. We also represent clients before Courts and other Dispute Resolution Bodies.
b. Documents relating to Transaction.
We draft and negotiate various kinds of agreements and contracts related to real estate and construction which include Concession Agreement, EPC contracts, Maintenance Agreements, Mortgage, Pledge and Hypothecation Agreements, Guarantee Deeds, Asset Purchase Agreement, business conducting agreements, Escrow Agreement, etc. We also negotiate, implement and review investment agreements, land purchase agreements, lease deeds, licence agreements, sale deeds, agreement to sell, and pre-emptive right agreements. We have expertise in drafting work orders, purchase orders, letters of intent related to construction. We also deal in necessary documentation for joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, development of townships and establishing SEZ’s. We also conduct property title searches and due diligence
c.  Litigation relating to Real Estate.
We help our clients in disputes involving-
•    Purchase or sale contracts including acquisition, specific performance and other fraud/mistake claims. 
•    Mortgage on secured loans including foreclosure, receivership, guaranty enforcement and disbursement issues, as well as lender liability and bad faith claims. 
•    Loan participations and other co-ownership arrangements, including inter- creditor agreement and agent disputes. 
•    Public financing of, and public-private partnerships relating to, infrastructure, low-income housing, and other governmentally supported projects. 
•    Management and operating agreements, including resort, hotel and shopping center operator issues, as well as common area maintenance and other reconciliation issues. 
•    Ownership structures and Title matters. 
•    Commercial leases, including eviction and forcible ejectment actions. 
•    Major construction disputes, including subsidence, excavation, general contractor and subcontractor disputes. 
•    Labour and employment matters